TAXINAUT is an open-world sci-fi exploration game where you play a taxi driver in space.

You earn vudu (which is your life, fuel and currency) by flying passengers all over the galaxy. During your work you explore a wide variety of planets and encounter a mixture of interesting and dodgy characters.

Everything you do involves vudu. You use it, for example, to 'buy' information about locations and secrets from passengers and other characters.

The galaxy is filled with annoyances and dangers: bad traffic, rotten food, violent scum, it's all there for you to enjoy.

TAXINAUT is not a game that can be won or finished. It doesn't contain a main storyline. And although it can be hard at times it doesn't specifically aim to be a challenge to your mental abilities or hand-eye-coordination. Instead it hopes to provide a large exploreable world that you can come back to at times when you just want to sit back and be somewhere else for a while.


Before TAXINAUT, mosgrom was involved with things like abstract sequential-art (comics) and poetry. Through experiments with non-linear sequential-art and poetry (e.g. by creating exploreable networks of images and/or phrases) focus shifted towards what basically amounts to world-building, and from there to video games. In the period from 2015-2016 several attempts at video games were made until in september 2016 work on TAXINAUT began.

System Requirements
TAXINAUT will feature very adult elements like those you might find in exploitation movies of the 1970s and 1980s (albeit in a hopefully entertaining manner).
Mosgrom is a games, art & poetry sweatshop simultaneously exploited and suffered by Jasper Pol. The name "mosgrom" comes from the joining of "mos", which is Dutch for "moss" and "grom" which is Dutch for "growl" or perhaps "grunt". It's also inspired by the name "Ingram" which Jasper always thought was the name of one of his favourite buildings, the Seagram Building but just found out it isn't.
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