Taxinaut is a game about being a taxi driver in space. Mosgrom is one-man games & art shop.

NEWS 4/12/2017
TAXINAUT is on Steam Greenlight! If you have a steam account we would sure appreciate it if you vote for us. Vote for us here. There is also a new gameplay video, watch it here.
NEWS 3/31/2017
TAXINAUT is coming in 2018! Watch the announcement video!
NEWS 3/27/2017
At the moment, we are working on an announcement video for TAXINAUT. We hope to have this out in the next few weeks. After that we will work the rest of the year to add content to the game. There probably won't be a purchaseable version until early 2018. We are looking into selling the game through Steam. We are considering making it available this year through "Early Access".
Please don't hesitate to contact us. We look very much forward to hearing from you!